Saturday, June 22, 2013

Romans Transpositions

Is and in me (Romans 1:15)
Are clearly seen and from the creation of the world, His eternal power and Godhead and being understood by the things and that are made (Romans 1:20)
One and another; their error and which (Romans 1:26)
Despise and you (Romans 2:2)
Circumcision and which is outward in the flesh (Romans 2:18)
You not and teach (Romans 2:21)
Then and what advantage (Romans 3:1)
Unrighteous and who takes vengeance (Romans 3:5)
More and abounded; yet and am I also (Romans 3:7)
Jews and Gentiles and that (Romans 3:9)
Both and that (Romans 3:9)
Is and there; be and no flesh (Romans 3:20)
Be and no flesh (Romans 3:20)
At this time and His righteousness (Romans 3:26)
The law and void (Romans 3:31)
Then and what shall we say; has found and as pertaining to the flesh (Romans 4:1)
The Scripture and says (Romans 4:3)
Is and the reward (Romans 4:4)
This blessedness then and come (Romans 4:9)
Then and reckoned (Romans 4:10)
Not and staggered (Romans 4:10)
Is and no law (Romans 4:15)
Only and to that; that and those (Romans 4:16)
Able and also (Romans 4:21)
For his sake alone and that it was imputed to him (Romans 4:24)
Also and we (Romans 5:2)
Glory in tribulations and  also (Romans 5:3)
Also and we (Romans 5:3)
For a righteous man and will one die (Romans 5:7)
We and shall (Romans 5:9)
When we were enemies and we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son (Romans 5:10)
Not as and the offense so also is; also and is; the grace of God and the gift by grace which is by one Man; Jesus Christ and has (Romans 5:15)
Not like it was by one that sinned and is the gift; is and the gift; the judgment was and by one; one and the (Romans 5:16)

Those who receive abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness and shall (Romans 5:17)
Came upon all men and to condemnation; by the righteousness of One and the free gift (Romans 5:18)
That as sin has reigned to death and so (Romans 5:20, 21)
Might and grace (Romans 5:20)
Shall and also (Romans 6:5)
To sin and once (Romans 6:10)
Reckon and you also; be dead and indeed (Romans 6:11)
Therefore and let not sin; not and let (Romans 6:12)
The servants and you are (Romans 6:16)
Was delivered and you (Romans 6:17)
Had and you (Romans 6:21)
While her husband lives and she is married to another man (Romans 7:3)
I found and to bring death; to and death (Romans 7:10)
and then (Romans 7:13)
That which and I do not I understand; I and understand that which; understand and not; do and I (Romans 7:15)
Then and I do that which I would not (Romans 7:16)
In my flesh and No good thing; find and not; good thing and dwells (Romans 7:18)
of and this (Romans 7:24)
There is and now (Romans 8:1)
Neither and indeed (Romans 8:6)
You and through the Spirit (Romans 8:13)
Be and also (Romans 8:16)
Also and will (Romans 8:21)
See not then and do; see and not; with patience and wait (Romans 8:25)
Is and the mind of the spirit (Romans 8:27)
Shall we and then (Romans 8:31)
Christ and came (Romans 9:5)
When Rebecca and also (Romans 9:10)
Has and He (Romans 9:18)
Will say and then (Romans 9:19)
Of the same lump and to make (Romans 9:21)
Before and prepared (Romans 9:22)
From the Jews and only (Romans 9:25)
Says and also (Romans 9:25)
Will and they (Romans 9:26)
Will and the Lord; a short work and the Lord will make (Romans 9:28)
Them and witness (Romans 10:2)
Say and it (Romans 10:7)
With your mouth and the Lord Jesus (Romans 10:9)
Know and you not (Romans 11:2)
Is and it (Romans 11:6)
Then and say (Romans 11:19)
Behold and therefore (Romans 11:22)
Also and will (Romans 11:22)
Abide and still (Romans 11:23)
Were grafted and contrary to nature (Romans 11:24)
I not want and brethren (Romans 11:25)
You and in times past (Romans 11:30)
Have and they also now; your and mercy; also and may (Romans 11:31)
Of and both (Romans 11:33)
God has dealt to every man and the measure of faith (Romans 12:3)
Then and gifts (Romans 12:6)
One and to (Romans 12:10)
One and toward (Romans 12:16)
Mind and high (Romans 12:16)
Things and honest (Romans 12:17)
Whoever and therefore; receive for themselves and judgment (Romans 13:2)
Will and you; then and not be afraid of the power; praise and his (Romans 13:3)
Pay and you; pay taxes and also (Romans 13:6)
Render and therefore (Romans 13:7)
Now and it is (Romans 13:11)
Our salvation and is (Romans 13:12)
Let us and therefore (Romans 13:12)
Lusts and thereof (Romans 13:14)
Doubtful and disputations (Romans 14:1)
Him who is weak in the faith and receive (Romans 14:1)
Not eat and to the lord (Romans 14:6)
To the lord and he does not regard it (Romans 14:6)
Evil and spoken of (Romans 14:16)
Whether we live and therefore (Romans 14:8)
Both and of; dead and living (Romans 14:9)
Your brother and as nothing (Romans 14:10)
Judge this and rather; judge this how to not and man (Romans 14:13)
Now walk and you; With your food and for whom Christ died; longer walk and no; for and whom Christ died (Romans 14:15)
Evil and spoken of (Romans 14:16)
In these things and serves Christ (Romans 14:18)
Let us and therefore (Romans 14:19)
One and may edify (Romans 14:19)
For food and not destroy the work of God; indeed and are (Romans 14:20)
Neither and to (Romans 14:21)
Have and you (Romans 14:22)
Then and who are strong (Romans 15:1)
Ought to bear the infirmities of the weak and then (Romans 15:1)
We and through patience and comfort of the Scriptures (Romans 15:4)
Also and am; of to about (Romans 15:14)
That is given to me and of God (Romans 15:15)
I have and therefore (Romans 15:17)
That which I may glory through Jesus Christ and in those things which pertain to God (Romans 15:17)
To whom He was not spoken to and those (Romans 15:21)
Also and I have (Romans 15:22)
Having and no longer (Romans 15:23)
Somewhat and enjoy your company (Romans 15:24)
Truly and and; their debtors and they are (Romans 15:27)
By you and to Spain (Romans 15:28)
When and therefore (Romans 15:28)
Who do not believe and in Judea (Romans 15:31)
Be refreshed and with you (Romans 15:32)

For my life and risked their own necks (Romans 16:4)
Also and were (Romans 16:7)

Among whom you and also (Romans 1:5, dialogue only)
In it and the righteousness of God is revealed by faith (Romans 1:17, dialogue only)
You and despise (Romans 2:4, dialogue only)
And and immortality (Romans 2:7, dialogue only)
Circumcision and surely (Romans 2:25, dialogue only)
The forbearance of God and through (Romans 3:25, dialogue only)
Through (from v25) and to declare (Romans 3:26, dialogue only)
Not only and so (Romans 5:11, dialogue only)

As David and also (Romans 4:6, dialogue only)
We and shall (Romans 5:10, dialogue only)
Therefore and we were (Romans 6:4, dialogue only)
Now and if we are dead with Christ (Romans 6:8, dialogue only)
We believe that we shall and also (Romans 6:8, dialogue only)
Until the law sin was in the world and but sin is not imputed when there is no law (Romans 5:13, dialogue only)
Then and if she is married to another man while her husband lives (Romans 7:3, dialogue only)

I find and then (Romans 7:21, dialogue only)
There is and therefore (Romans 8:1, dialogue only)
His power and Known (Romans 9:22, dialogue only)
Also and I will call them my people who were not my people, and her beloved, who was not beloved. (Romans 9:25, dialogue only)
Isaiah cries and concerning Israel (Romans 9:27 dialogue only)
To awaken jealousy in and those who are my flesh (Roans 11:14, dialogue only)
Only and for wrath (Romans 13:5, dialogue only)
Knowing and that (Romans 13:11, dialogue only)
Let us and Therefore (Romans 15:12, dialogue only)
The god of hope and now (Romans 15:13, dialogue only)
Therefore and performed; this and have (Romans 15:28, dialogue only)
Therefore and have (Romans 15:28, dialogue only)
Therefore and when I (Romans 15:28, dialogue only)

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