Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christian testimony

To say that we have to have a pit story is to say that God can't mold you right the first time. That He is inept with hammer and chisel and file, that He can only melt down and do over, as opposed to do right.  Of course you might say "but I'm a great sinner." Yes, but are you a greater sinner than He is a maker, that is the question.  Consider His power to mold you to what He wants without remaking next time you have a "boring" testimony to give.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

He has blinded their eyes

Why does God blind the eyes and hearts of people so that they cannot see Him? He indeed blinds all of us, and those of us He elects He chooses to remove the wall of faith, but I think the real reason is that wall, that darkness, that cloud of separation is for our benefit.  Like Moses being too close to God being too near His power undoes us.  Normally we are separated by a great distance, and by that we are sheltered being such weak and sinful creatures. 
We think of separation and distance from God as a problem, and it is, but for sinful evil man it's also a kindness, that we do not behold the dazzling brightness of God, and we are not instantly undone, is a good thing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One thing I love about God

Is He supreme creativity.  Take that horrid book THE SHACK, which really does a terrible disservice to God.  So does He decide to sit on His hands and let it be? No, He is so big and amazing that He decides to punish the authors and publishers by making the book a monster best seller. 
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Because only God in His graciousness and generosity would think to do that.

John the Baptist doubts

Jesus promised to set the captives free in Luke 4, as prophesied by Isaiah.  Why then had He not set His faithful servant John free?  Jesus sends back the message that it is not a literal fulfillment, but that he should note the dead are raised, the people reborn, and the ones who are not offended by Jesus are saved. 
John, like the rest of the Jews, were thinking physically about the ministry of Jesus, which wasn't the right idea at all. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

There is no high calvinism

I have taken to thinking that there is really no stability in the idea that Christ came for the elect and made no atonement whatsoever for the non-elect from the cross. It's simply not a sustainable position.  If Christ doesn't buy at least a temporary pardon then there is no common grace. If He gives no common grace then He is unloving in every disposition.  High Calvinism is based on a logical chain of reasoning and arguments that I think is more correct and water tight in hyper Calvinism.  Most are saved from a full commitment to hyper-Calvinism are unwilling to follow through on the logical conclusions of their beliefs.
In short, High Calvinism looks very much like a muddy and unstable middle ground that gives way to either the moderate or Hyper position.