Saturday, June 8, 2013

Other Changes from Romans

Made to born (Romans 1:3)
Glorified to glorify; was to were (Romans 1:21)
Wherein to when (Romans 2:1)
Against to on, treasure to treasuring (Romans 2:5)
That to they (Romans 2:14)
One another to them (Romans 2:15)
You to your (Romans 2:23)
Verily to surely (Romans 2:25)
It to they (Romans 2:27)
Without to to no (Romans 3:3)
Yea to rather (Romans 3:4, 31)
Yet to still (Romans 3:7)
Whose to their (Romans 3:8)
Is to are (Romans 3:13)
Whose to their (Romans 3:14)
What to all (Romans 3:19)
The to there (Romans 3:20)
In to by (Romans 3:25) 
It to there (Romans 3:30)

Were to was; whereof to that (Romans 4:2)
Come to comes, for to as (Romans 4:9)
When to while; in to while (Romans 4:10)
Which is to to those (Romans 4:16)
Considered to consider (Romans 4:19)

Glory to rejoice (Romans 5:3)
Experience to character (Romans 5:4)
Makes to make; is shed abroad to was poured out; in to into (Romans 5:5)

Is to has been Romans 5:5)
Embodiment to likeness; upon to to (Romans 5:12)
As to like; be dead
to died  (Romans 5:15)
It to that; to to brought (Romans 5:16)
to as (Romans 6:3)

Are to were; like to just as (Romans 6:4)
Planted to united; being to having been; be to share (Romans 6:5)
Is dead to has died (Romans 6:7)
The lusts thereof to its lusts (Romans 6:12)
His to the (Romans 6:16)
Was to were (Romans 6:17)
Whereof to of which; those to the; then in to from (Romans 6:21)
The to her; be dead to dies; loosed to freed (Romans 7:2)
Are become dead to have died; is raised to rose; should to would (Romans 7:4)
Did work to worked (Romans 7:5)
Wherein to to which (Romans 7:6)
Lust to covetousness (Romans 7:7)
Be to bring (Romans 7:10)
That which to what (Romans 7:15-16)
Was to has; by to through; made to become (Romans 7:13)
More to longer (Romans 7:17, 20)
After to in (Romans 7:22)
For to because (Romans 8:3)
In order to for (Romans 8:6)
None of  to not (Romans 8:9)
So be that to indeed (Romans 8:9, 16)
Life to alive (Romans 8:10)
And to but (Romans 8:10)
In to to; by to through (Romans 8:11)
Whereby to by which (Romans 8:15)
Itself to Himself (Romans 8:16)
Reckon to consider; which to that (Romans 8:18)
By reason to because (Romans 8:19)
The same to it (Romans 8:20)
Within ourselves to inwardly (Romans 8:22)
He to a man (Romans 8:24)
A man to he; what to if; why to what (Romans 8:24)
Itself to Himself; hearts to heart (Romans 8:27)
Did foreknow to foreknew (Romans 8:29)
Lay anything to the to bring any (Romans 8:33)
Who to what (Romans 8:35)
Going about to trying (Romans 10:3)
Likewise to thusly (Romans 10:8)
Not to no (Romans 10:19)
Sought to seek; asked to ask; after to for (Romans 10:20)
Forth to out (Romans 10:21)
Say to speak (Romans 9:1)
Pertains to belong (Romans 9:4)
For to as (Romans 9:8)
For to as (Romans 9:8)
Being to were; having to had (Romans 9:11)
Same to very (Romans 9:17)
Yet to still (Romans 9:19)
On the contrary to but (Romans 9:20)
That to to (Romans 9:20)
On to to (Romans 9:23)
Sought to seek (Romans 9:32)
Wherefore to why not (Romans 9:32)
to is (Romans 11:4)
More to longer (Romans 11:6)
He seeks to it sought (Romans 11:7)
As it to what (Romans 11:8)
Say to ask (Romans 11:2, 11; 10:18, 19)
The fall of them to their fall; the diminishing of them to their diminishing (Romans 11:12)
Diminishing to loss (Romans 11:12)
Casting away of them to their being cast away; the receiving of them to their receiving (Romans 11:15)
Are to were (Romans 11:17)
Bear to support (Romans 11:18)
They to them (Romans 11:23)
Be to has; should to to; that to for (Romans 11:25)
Conceits to estimation (Romans 11:25)
Is to will be (Romans 11:27)
Without repentance to irrevocable (Romans 11:28)
In to to (Romans 11:32)
And to that (Romans 11:34)
to that; as to to (Romans 12:3)
to function (Romans 12:4)
to if (Romans 12:6)
to oversees (Romans 12:6)
Then to which; differing to differ (Romans 12:6)
Dissimulation to hypocrisy (Romans 12:9)
To to toward (Romans 12:10)
Business to diligence (Romans 12:11)
Necessity to needs (Romans 12:12)
Lies in to depends on (Romans 12:18)
Of to with (Romans 12:21)
to governing; power to authority; are to were; be to exist; ordained to decreed (Romans 13:1)
Power to authority (Romans 13:1-3)
Ordinances to decrees; to to on; damnation to judgment; receive to bring (Romans 13:2)
Will to wish; that which to what; of the same to his (Romans 13:3)
to necessarily (Romans 13:5)
On to to (Romans 13:5)
Tribute to taxes (Romans 13:6-7)
Is to are (Romans 13:7)
And to or; this to these (Romans 13:8)
Whether to if (Romans 14:8)
to murder (Romans 13:9)
to harm; works to does (Romans 13:10)
Chambering to sensuality; wantonness to lewdness; Envying to envy (Romans 13:13)
Not to nor; the thereof to its (Romans 13:14)
Disputations to dispute (Romans 14:1)
Herbs to vegetables (Romans 14:2)
Who to to; judges to judge; Yea to moreover (Romans 14:4)
None to no man; of to among (Romans 14:7)
In order to for (Romans 14:9)
Revived to lives again (Romans 14:9)
Set to count; at to as (Romans 14:10)
Every to each (Romans 14:12)
Esteems to regards (Romans 14:14)
Anything to something (Romans 14:14)
Now to longer; not to no; charity to lovingly (Romans 14:15)
Then to therefore (Romans 14:16)
That to how to (Romans 14:13)
To be to as (Romans 14:14)
Now to longer; not to no; charity to lovingly (Romans 14:15)
Then to therefore (Romans 14:16)
Wherewith to by which (Romans 14:19)
Flesh to meat (Romans 14:21)
That thing which to what; he to the man (Romans 14:22)
In to by (Romans 14:22)
And to but; damned to condemned (Romans 14:23)

Old to olden (Romans 15:4)
Every to each (Romans 15:5)
Sort to parts; as Putting you in mind to to remind (Romans 15:15)
Learning to instruction (Romans 15:4)
Whereof to that which (Romans 15:17)
to unnamed; should to would (Romans 15:20)
Which to this (Romans 15:22)
More to longer (Romans 15:23)
to when (Romans 15:24)
to make (Romans 15:24)
to awhile; if to after (Romans 15:24)
Be somewhat filled with to enjoy (Romans 15:24)
And to but (Romans 15:27)
Come to go (Romans 15:28)
When to once (Romans 15:28)
Succourer to help (Romans 16:2)
Laid down to risked (Romans 16:4)
Beseech to plead with (Romans 16:17)
Are to do (Romans 16:18)
Good to smooth; fair to flattering (Romans 16:18)
Come abroad to gone out (Romans 16:19)
Greetth to greets (Romans 16:23)
Chamberlain to treasurer (Romans 16:23)
Is of to has (Romans 16:25)
Only to alone (Romans 16:27)
They to them (Romans 3:9 dialogue only)
Being to be (Romans 4:21, dialogue only)
By to through (Romans 5:2, dialogue only)
Who to Adam (Romans 5:14, dialogue only)

We to you (Romans 6:8, dialogue only)
Say to asked (Romans 10:18, 19, dialogue only)
The to these (Romans 9:22, dialogue only)
Your to our (Romans 14:21, dialogue only)
He to the man (Romans 14:6, dialogue only)
He to you (Romans 14:6 dialogue only)

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