Monday, July 23, 2012

Alright Dispensationalism, now it's personal

I make no secret of the fact that I find dispensationalism repugnant, fit only to be ridiculed (which I do), because it takes away from understanding the person of Christ and replaces it with a... filter of stupidity.
I have been teaching through Zechariah on Sunday mornings, which was a challenge, but very interesting, because it was sometimes difficult and sometimes easy to see Christ in the passages, imagery, and metaphors, but it was always fun. The class seemed to enjoy it as well, having never approached it from that angle before. I make no bones about the fact that the principle I use to interpret Scripture is "Christ at the center," as is pretty obvious from reading the title on my blog.
The guy who I'm filling in for, who taught the class for a long time before me, is a dispensationalist. As time went on he started getting very agitated that I wasn't talking more about the millennial kingdom. It came to a head on Zech 8:23 where I interpreted that to be about us seizing the robes of Christ for healing, and the Gentiles coming into Christianity through the Jews, and the teacher quietly decided right then this was over, let's go back to Ezra. Last week he taught 9-14, about how the Neutron Bomb will be dropped, and how there will be a huge earth moving machine or miracle on zion. The standard dispensationalist understanding of the millennial kingdom.
In short he pulled the plug. Now it's personal.
Oh kick me out of any teaching spot you like, but never, ever, hide the glory of Christ under the dark cloud of 'future event.' It rips apart our very ability to understand Christ to quit early like that. "Zechariah didn't know what he was prophesying about anyway, and neither do we, it's impossible to actually know what the Bible says. But rest assured with the newspaper in your right hand you will be able to figure it out soon. It will become clear very soon." Because that doesn't just put the newspaper and the Bible on the same level of authority, it puts the newspaper above the word of God, being the interpretation and explanation.
May God not forgive our sins for this until we repent of dispensationalism and it's sinful, lazy, Christ denying lens of Biblical interpretation.

Post Script: I have not said much about their particular understanding of passages, because I can't for the life of me figure out what the principle of interpretation is. In Zecharaih it's a neutron bomb that blows people's skin away, and then it's not a drought machine but a divine punishment? Why is Jesus riding a donkey not the millennial kingdom but Him having dominion over it is? What happened to Jesus saying His kingdom was not of this world? I simply do not understand the principle other than "I didn't understand this at a first glance without applying any effort therefore it's about the millennial kingdom."

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A lesson on Church from my Daughter

I was pretty unhappy after church service when for the third week in a row the Pastor skipped preaching so the congregation could put on a children's play. On the car ride home my not quite three year old daughter piped up, "Oh the gospel, I know dat. Jesus took the sin on His body, and He died on the cross. He said 'Do not punish them, punish me Sir.'"

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