Monday, June 17, 2013

A diverse list

A friend of a friend named Matt Rose who is a preacher and an Anglophile is helping me to polish my book before I release it.
I was about to list his name in the special thanks at the end of the book when it occurred to me - I have a very wild and eclectic list of people in there.
I have Alicia Carter, who attends a Church of Christ in Sacramento. There is the aforementioned Matt who is sort of a Baptist, but really more of an Emergent Evangelical from Missouri. There is John McAurthur, a dispensationalist fundamentalist from Southern California, Alistar Begg, a Reformed Baptist from Akron Ohio, Reddit Andrews III a Presbyterian from Jacksonville. The others are dead Europeans, generally continentals, except for Stott who was an Englishman.
All of them have in some way helped me, and to them I'm grateful. But what a list. What a weird and wild list of all kinds of Christians. I couldn't have put together a more diverse list if I had tried.

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