Saturday, May 11, 2013

What's going on

I've been laying low lately trying hard to finish the final draft of the book to make it perfect. I still have lots of things to say, like this Catholic radio call I heard where the guy was denied permission to be saved, a thought on Sovereignty like bugs, and the doom of the Church of Christ (yeah, all of this is just more of the same I know) but I'll refrain for now. I'm going to get back to polishing it until it shines.

Argument of Romans Changes

Archaic Changes - Updating the words that don't mean the same thing anymore

Minor Changes - Plural, or tense changes where the word remains the same

Common Changes - Words that were frequently changed the same way

Other Changes from Romans - Changes specific to Romans not seen above

Other Changes - All other changes to words not seen above

Transpositions from Romans - When the order of words was swapped

Common Transpositions - Words swapped with not or I

Other Transpositions  - All other grammatical transpositions

Words Removed - Just what it looks like 

Special Changes from Chapter 1 - Changing the dialogue from them to you

Useful Verses - Verses that were taken out as the book was streamlined

Credo vs Paedo Baptism: Pushback Part I

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