Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hyper Calvinist Directory

Hyper-Calvinism. The problem is as old as the church and was born when Adam ate the fruit.
In the most narrow and classic sense a Hyper-Calvinist is anyone who denies that faith is necessary for salvation, but in practice this means that the Hyper-Calvinist is anyone who because of their pride denies the clear teaching of Scriptures concerning Salvation and demands that they be saved because of who they are, regardless of what they do. More specifically:

They deny 
  1. The centrality of faith in salvation, asserting that it is something else which saves (typically Sovereignty or Election).
  2. Scripture teaches God does not desire to see men perish.
  3. God sincerely desires to save the non-elect when He makes an offer to them.
  4. God restrains sin in the non-elect which results in a lesser condemnation for them.
  5. Common grace.
  6.  Jesus wept over the thought of the reprobate perishing.
They believe 
  1. They themselves are elect and will be saved, regardless of if they have an actual desire for holiness or not.
  2. The secret will of God as understood by logic and reason is more important than the Scriptures. 
  3. In a strictly Limited Atonement despite it's problems.
  4. In Supralapsarianism, despite it's logical problems.
  5. God wills the destruction of the non-elect in the same way He wills life for the elect, contrary to scripture.
  6. That unborn babies who die are (or generally are) not saved.
  7. That if we could know for certain who the non-elect are we should not preach to them, something the Bible does not teach.
  8. The non-elect are hated from eternity past
If you read those bullets you will start to see that that doesn't characterize Hyper-Calvinism, it characterizes most of the people on the internet that call themselves Calvinists.
Everyday ungracious Calvinism is really Hyper-Calvinism, it's a lazy kind of theology that's divorced from either serious reading and thinking, or a claim to the historical Calvinism when it has no business to.
Oh, and just for fun, if you want to get as good at debating as a Hyper-Calvinist, I have provided some helpful tips for you here.

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