Monday, May 2, 2011

Reprobation and Election at work

About two years ago I designed a product at work, wrote up a proposal on it, and had senior company officials pitch the idea to a customer. It was a hit.
I got the green light and a pile of cash to make my vision a reality.  Then it began- I designed the architecture, picked out components, adjusted the power supplies so everything would play nice together and put it all down on a printed circuit board. I took that design and debugged it, pulled out all the problems and recreated it into a smaller, less module form factor.  I took that complex design and stacked the boards together, placed it inside a custom metal enclosure, put in the batteries and powered it up. After debugging the software team and I selected eight of the final design style units to go to the customer, then we put them through their paces until they passed every test we could throw at them. And that's when I realized something.

Seeing my final product all powered up and working like I imagined, planned, and designed made me love those little boxes. I do really love all my eight customer deliverable products, they are simply beautiful.
And I did all this, knowing that six of these are going to be subject to destructive testing by the customer.  Two I have marked and chosen for non-destructive use, and not because of their performance (in fact the lid doesn't fit as snugly on one of the two keepers as it does on the others) but because of the choice I made.
And even knowing the six are going to be destroyed, I love them still, and am proud of my work in them.

How much more then does God love His workmanship and creatures, even knowing He has decided not to give them special saving grace?


Anonymous said...


Are you sure this analogy does God justice? He's not designing electronics...

Do you think a better analogy might be have 8 children. 2 you will love and provide for and the other 6 you will love and let starve to death. You love them, but you let them starve. What a great love that is!

Jim G.

Phil said...

No, I don't think that's a better analogy- as a non-believer you are not able to understand these things, so your attempt to insult God falls flat.
You have not the faculties to understand my post. You have not the eyes to see my words, nor a mind to see their meaning.

I do however urge you to not laugh at God nor mock His justice, as He will pour His wrath on you unless you repent.