Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend theology thoughts

1.       My daughter mashed a small piece of blue play-dough into the pile of yellow.  Now the whole pile is a green color, and it’s not only impossible to get out, but it has become a fundamental characteristic of the dough.  This is sin which has utterly transformed our old pure make-up.

2.       A gigantic (truly hideous, I have never seen them that big) black spider with a very thick body was crawling up the backyard wall where my daughter plays.  Upon seeing it my daughter said “keel it!” I asked her why should we kill them; when she couldn’t answer I asked her mommy who replied that it’s very existence is offensive and deserving of death, it did not even need to bite or harm to warrant extermination.  This too is sin.

3.       Waking up too early from a nap my daughter started crying and screaming without restraint. I ordered her into her room and had her lie back down explaining that if she was quiet for five minutes and didn’t cry she could come out.  She cried for 20 from her bed and showed no sign of relenting.  As a father I had laid down the rule, she could not come out until she had been quiet five minutes, as a father I didn’t want to see her continue to cry. So I went in and read her a book and we passed the five minute no crying mark together. This is grace.

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