Friday, December 5, 2014

This is where it ends

So about my old denomination hiring an intern to preach on Sunday mornings, and defending their choice of a woman... (Fourth Avenue Church of Christ in Franklin, TN I mean you), it makes me realize just how rotted the structure was. The storm has come and the fence has blown down. This is proof.
This conversation of how it happens stands for the wider churches. This is what they did collectivly.

"Hey Tommy it's me Doug. Listen, I know we lost track since university, but you said we'd always be friends and I could always call you."
"Oh... right... *pause* How are you Doug? By the way it's Thomas now, or N.T."
"I'm doing badly N.T. my daughter has just left the house in a storm, said she hates me and isn't coming back. I didn't know who else to turn to."
"I'm sorry to hear that."
"I had three kids N.T., and they've all done that now. They've left me and it's finally caught up when my baby did it. I... I... oh God!"
"Calm down Doug they didn't die, there's always a chance for reconciliation."
"No, there's not. They left the church under my eldership. *sobbing* They're going to hell forever N.T.... I can't bear this any longer, it's crushing me... *sobbing* I... can't."
"Oh posh! That's no way to talk! God is a loving God."
"You... you mean I should still trust him?"
"Of course. Don't you? Didn't you say you're an elder?"
"Yes, but we're the restoration movement, you know, a loose affiliation of independent churches in America."
"No sorry, not familiar in the least."
"Well, we're pretty strict you know. Trying to be faithful to the Bible."
"Good, then believe the Spirit will lead them back."
"I don't believe in that."
"The Spirit or Sovereignty? Well never mind either fine, that's not a problem. But look, the Bible says God is love right?"
"So trust he's going to save her. I'll be personal here, I had to come to grips with something similar once everyone started fleeing Anglicianism. "Are they leaving because of me?" I asked myself. Is it my fault? But then I realized that just because they left Christianity didn't necessarily mean they left God's love. They hadn't left salvation."
"I... I always rejected that before, but now I see the truth of it... thank you N.T."
"You're welcome."
"Huh? Why are you shouting?"
"Sorry, I'm excited because we're going to have our children back."
"Really? How"
"It's simple, faithfulness got us into trouble, so faithlessness is the way out! Call the colleges, see if they can send us a woman preacher, we've got a lot of catching up to do and no time to lose!"

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