Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mary Did You Know - A New Version!

Mary, did you know
that one day you would
be called the queen of heaven?

Mary did you know
that you could make your boy
hold back even Armageddon?

Did you know
that they’d pray to you;
and say worshipful things?
Or that you’d lead a sinless life, and ascend so magically?


Mary did you know
that they’d see and worship you
on things like breakfast toast

Mary did you know
that they’d make statues and say
Mother of God, true and holy host

Did you know
it’d be a mortal sin
To miss one of your 29 annual feasts?
Or that you’d be our intercessor
our perfect lady of peace!

Oh, Mary, did you know?
Oh, Mary, did you know?

The blind stay blind, the deaf stay deaf,
The dead don’t live again.
The lame don’t leap, the dumb don’t speak
It’s all so fraudulent!

Mary, did you know
They’d build shrines to you
and fall down before your face?

Mary did you know
you’d be called “the cause of our joy”
and be exalted to such a place?

Did you know
That they’d stop caring
about your firstborn son
Cause let’s be real, who needs him
When you’re the greatest one!

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