Sunday, December 30, 2012

When faith is works

So I was listening to EWTN Catholic Radio, where they have their former protestants on who confess that Protestantism is wrong, usually ex-Calvinists ministers, and the person this time was a formerly Jewish woman who turned Protestant, who turned Catholic.
When she was a Protestant on anti-depressants and struggled with thoughts of suicide, and told herself that if she had faith, true faith, she could overcome immediately. "Faith is that thing that lets us grab our boot straps and pull ourselves up."
Of course I wonder what church is telling her this, (some word of faith group?) but if you listen closely to what she is saying, it's actually really horrible. She's saying that faith is works, just a super, turbo charged version of works. Faith allows you to do what no other force, or version of works allows you to do, it's works double plus. Grab those bootstaps and pull sister, faith is the thing that can move mountains, nothing can stop it!
But for her, this faith wasn't t working, she was still needing her anti-depressants, so she quit being a protestant, and became a Catholic- because the Catholics properly understood how faith and works relate. That is perhaps the worst reason to convert I have ever heard.

Try again Catholics.

Oh and on the call in radio show, the last call was this: Dear Father Bragente, why does Saint Anna have her head as a holy relic in one city, and her body in another? Isn't that macabre? His answer: Oh we do that all the time, it's a great way to be close to the saints, it's just a useful tool. Everyone does that anyway, there are dozens of saints that have been cut up and their organs are on display all over the world to visit in different places. In modern times we tour their corpses around for intercessory purposes. Heck, even the early Christians worshiped in the catacombs so they could be close to the martyrs.

Try again, again; and this time try harder.

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