Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thoughts on Complementarianism II

Jesus is the head, and the bride, the church is in the submissive role, the same applies to marriage, the wife is the one who submits, and the husband is the one who directs.
It came up in a discussion today why women find it so natural to be so outgoing, in-tune, compassionate, other-focused, whatever you want to call it, while men are, well, not.
I think the answer has something to do with how men are by nature focused and determined. They dig in on a single task to the exclusion of all things, until that task is accomplished. Having a vision means some things have to fall by the way side.
Women are the opposite, they are less determined, generally, and much more open about minor course correction. Men are likely to roll right over a target and not be concerned about it, women are likely to correct and compensate appropriately.
Now which should be the head, or the primary decision maker in the relationship? The guy, because he has a long term, stable vision he's going to be more willing and able to sacrifice for. If you have a woman to help him navigate the near term stuff while he keeps his eye on the prize you have a great set up, but if you have the woman driving the boat always concerned about the near term, always reacting, and the long term vision takes a back seat, you have bad long term consequences.
In general that is.

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