Thursday, January 9, 2014

The mystery of predestination

I have heard it described as a clock, God's sovereignty turns one gear, and our gear, free moral agency, turns the opposite way. So while they look like they are doing opposite things, they are really part of a complex, unified, whole.

You know what's a better analogy? Dancing.
When the man steps forward with his right foot, the woman steps back with her left. If the mechanical motions are broken down it becomes evident that, like the gears of the clock, the two are doing exactly opposite things. But when the big picture is considered it's obvious they are moving together, working as a unified whole.


He's the leader, he sets the rhythm, the pace. He decides where and how she moves. But his object is to be invisible, to stay out of the picture, in order to make her look good. His whole goal in leading this waltz is to show case her gracefulness.
She on the other hand is free within his guided limits to spin, or twist, or bend to her liking. It's afer all, her dance as much as it is his, and her joy lies in taking his direction and making it her own. Is she free? Yes. Is she leading? No.

The beauty of this is evident. His invisible leading, her flamboyant following. His plan, her embellishment. You can feel the music of it, the beat of it, how utterly alive it is. It's a real thing, this wonderful paradox. It's a dance.

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Phil said...

Of course now I've done it, so place your bet - how long until Mr. Mystery Ashton runs in here firing his gun into the air "Paradox! Glorious paradox! This is the analogy I have been waiting for!"