Saturday, October 12, 2013

The land belongs to Christ

I have posted here before, and mentioned elsewhere, that I think the covenants are about Christ. Abraham was given a refresher in Genesis 15 which prominently featured the land. Genesis even promises it as a perpetual possession.
I have also said earlier that Christs presence is what causes Abraham to be blessed. He is blessed because Christ comes through his line. Judah is blessed because Christ descends from them. Likewise David. The Jews as a people are nothing special, there is nothing deserving about them, but they are uniquely blessed. Why? Because Christ came among them, and to them.
Now in the same way the covenant element of the land is held up.
Why Canaan? Because Christ lived there. Why Jerusalem? Because He died there. The land is the place He walked, taught, died, and ascended. In other words, it's special because He was there. For that reason and no other.

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