Monday, October 21, 2013

Somebody please do this

Occasionally I listen to 770AM KCBC, which comes out of Fresno CA. At 5:00 Rick Warren's show Daily Hope, graces out airwaves.
I usually tune in to sharpen my discernment skills, by trying to listen not only to what he's saying, but what he's not saying. I came to the conclusion that he's a gnostic preacher, he's not concerned about the cross of Christ, he's about gaining hidden wisdom to live your best life now.
And I think I've said that before; at any rate that's not my point this post.

My point is, I now call him Chuckles™. His sermons go something like this:
"We're talking today  about the breaking of bread from John 6. When I grew up, all we had was wonderbread. You young people don't realize it, but we do. *Laughter* You know why they called it wonderbread? *Laughter* because you could crumple the whole thing into the size of a marble! *Laughter* And it could bounce! *Laughter* And did you know that the crust is like silly putty *Laughter* No, it's true, you could copy newspaper ink onto it! *Laughter*"

The audience laughs at everything. He's conditioned them to laugh so well that even when they ought not to, they laugh.
This is my request: someone please, take his sermons, and add canned laugh track after every phrase. He speaks in roughly two sentence phrases, so there is a great opportunity to put that canned laughter in without disruption to the sermon.
It's so easy to see how profane his sermons are when you do this, and it would be amazing to listen to. Someone, please take Chuckles™ to the next level.

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