Sunday, November 4, 2012

Catholic vs. Calvinist Radio

The Catholic radio station has a priest on who covers Reformed theology, because he himself used to be a Presbyterian before converting. Needless to say I find this very interesting and was eager to hear what he had to say on this stuff, particularly the traditional views on things like Perseverance of the Saints.

When I tuned in they were saying that this study found people in the Presbyterian church who didn't believe in the Trinity. There were also minor doctrinal disputes on things not specified in the Westminster confession of faith. This, they said, would never happen in the Catholic church because sacred tradition, which is equivalent to the Biblical authority, would fix this.
What they didn't mention was that these surveys are done church wide and include the non-believers who are visiting but identify themselves as 'seeking.' So when you have people inside the church building reporting that they don't believe in the trinity, you have some non-believers being exposed to the gospel. Assuming they don't stay that way, that's a good thing. The way to remedy this is problem is to never take inventory of the peoples belief in your church, but to turn a blind eye and pretend everyone believes exactly what the priest does, who as far as I can tell is generally a non-believer himself.
The other topic I heard the ex-Calvinist priest talking about was the difficulty of reconciling perseverance of the saints with the passages that talk about the need to be watchful lest we lose our salvation. When he was a Reformed preacher that discrepancy never sat right, he never could get his mind around it. His answer? To become Catholic. Perseverance was the faulty doctrine, it was the wrong one, it didn't make sense. The thing to do was to stop talking about it, stop thinking about it, and let it go.
What a great solution! Having trouble with any Biblical doctrine? Give it up! Lay down your arms children and embrace the rulings of the council at Trent. Then put your fingers in your ears and pretend that everyone of your parish believes what you told them to believe.

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