Friday, March 11, 2011

Praying in sovereignty

A quick thought on the idea of "what's the use in praying if God is completely sovereign and is going to do it anyway?" Or "why bother if He knows everything?"
But this is to turn it upside down, it's only because of God's sovereignty over all things that we have a reason to request anything. For example, if God wasn't in control over our health, and didn't have the power, or authority to affect us in this matter, then there would be no reason to pray to Him about our well being.  It's because He is over all things that our prayers get answered in the first place.  And because He knows everything, He knows our thoughts, allowing us to ask in the first place.  If He didn't know our thoughts then He could never hear us, and thus never answer our prayers. 
Logical traps are often resolved when we give God great glory.

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