Monday, March 28, 2011

Non traditional Ordo Salutis?

The traditional Ordo Salutis is a logically based progression, election, effectual call, regeneration, justification, sanctification, but it also tends to eclipse the cross, which is the foundation of our beliefs.
I propose therefore that we re-think the ordo in terms of the centrality of grace.

The cross is the source and fountainhead of all grace, it flows outward from the bleeding Savior as He hangs there.
When this flow of grace reaches your ears it's called the gospel call
When it reaches your heart it's regeneration
When it touches your personal account before God it's justification
When it reaches your identity as a person it's adoption
When it flows through you it's sanctification
and when it knocks you over and submerges you utterly, it's glorification

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THEOparadox said...

I like this, a cross-centered ordo salutis! Is there one more step to add: glorification?