Monday, February 14, 2011

Thoughts on knowing God through Fatherhood

As a personal opinion I think that women have the better end of the deal when it comes to submission rather than leadership, but on the other hand women get the short end of the stick in parenthood as only men get to be Fathers. Here's why. Women seem to be much more emotionally sensitive to the outside world, much more caring, much more in tune, much more responsive to stimuli.  Highs, lows, and everything in between make a direct impact on their state of being.  Men seem to be much more stable, laser focused, they pick an emotion and are that for awhile. As my wife was talking to me yesterday about how she feels being a mother, the ups the downs, the emotional roller coaster the kid is, I knew immediately from personal experience why God is described as a Father.
I don't feel like she does at all.  That one note stable emotion in me was nailed to 'love' when my daughter was born and it hasn't moved since.  It's sort of a love beyond being affected. Sure I get angry, or disappointed, or elated, based on her actions, but those ephemeral ones are built on a foundation of that primary emotion- they don't replace it.  I always feel love, I sometimes feel other things at the same time. 
This has helped me to understand the dynamic of God's "emotions" and why He would choose to use the word Father, rather than Mother, to describe Himself. I'm afraid I can't do anything better then that at the moment, but hopefully that should be enough to get you thinking along the same lines.

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