Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Biblical Language and the Church of Christ - Grace & Gift

Salvation by Grace alone is affirmed by the CoC, which allows Protestants to welcome them as their own.  It is fortunate in one sense that the CoC by in large affirms the Biblical account of salvation as a gift, but unfortunate that they don't mean what the Bible does.  This deceives the Protestant.
Salvation by grace is typically framed by the Church of Christ person like this: A son goes out and works in a field, the father or farmer then comes and gives him a gift.  So it is with eternal life, we are obedient to baptism and keep our salvation, and God gives us the gift of eternal life.
The Baptist protests: But then that's not a gift it's a due wage.  The farmer then owes his son what his son had earned. That's no gift.
The CoC rejoinder: Ah yes, but the farmer could have chosen to abstain to begin with. It's all of grace because God was under no obligation to provide salvation in any way. He could have left man in his sin.
The Presbyterian answers: That's beside the point.  That God could have abstained from making the world is not in discussion here. What is in discussion is that you are asserting God owes man for his good works once the contract is established.  That you try to swap the word wage for grace by a clumsy sleight of hand does not diminish that in your system man is keeping himself, getting the glory for himself, and doing the work himself!
There is no other answer. The CoC has allowed their definition of Grace to wander from the Biblical one.

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