Friday, July 9, 2010

There is no high calvinism

I have taken to thinking that there is really no stability in the idea that Christ came for the elect and made no atonement whatsoever for the non-elect from the cross. It's simply not a sustainable position.  If Christ doesn't buy at least a temporary pardon then there is no common grace. If He gives no common grace then He is unloving in every disposition.  High Calvinism is based on a logical chain of reasoning and arguments that I think is more correct and water tight in hyper Calvinism.  Most are saved from a full commitment to hyper-Calvinism are unwilling to follow through on the logical conclusions of their beliefs.
In short, High Calvinism looks very much like a muddy and unstable middle ground that gives way to either the moderate or Hyper position.

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David said...

hey there,

You are right. The hyper makes consistent what is inconsistent in high Calvinism.

The classic-moderate does the same but moves in the other direction.

Are you on theology list? Weve been hammering this out again. Jim Beale has posted some very very good critiques of high Calvinism.


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