Sunday, December 27, 2015

Baptism Index

Introductory Remarks
The two main groups in the debate, the three possible options between them, and how I'm going to pursue this issue.

The Dispensationalist Argument for Credo-Baptism
The most common argument against the Presbyterian requires dispensationalism to introduce a covenant discontinuity.

The Argument for Padeo-baptism
Firstly, covenants are objective things. Secondly, the covenant with Abraham is a timeless covenant of salvation that spans redemptive history. 

The Evidence for Padeobaptism in the New Testament
The warning passages, the holiness of children, household baptism, the Apostles intent, Jesus baptizing, the weakness of the Baptist position all indicate Covenant Theology is correct and it's conclusions are sound.

The Argument for Credo-baptism
Jeremiah 31:32-34 indicates that the terms of the New Covenant show that only the saved are in it, therefore baptism should be given only to the saved, for only they are in the covenant.

The Evidence for Credo-baptism in the New Testament
There is an inseparable connection between verbal confession and baptism in the New Testament. 

The Argument for Credo-baptism II
Baptism in the Old Testament was done to adults to initiate them into the priesthood. Therefore baptism replaces baptism in the old testament, not circumcision, and there is no room to give the sign to babies.

A Tertium Quid?

Following up with the hypothesis from the introduction that there's no stable middle ground.

Evaluating the Debate
The reason this debate is often fruitless, and what I've learned about baptism.

Biblical Examination Concluded
Which side I see as more Biblical and why

Miscellaneous Objections Answered
Paedo-baptism defended from some very good objections.

Early Church Beliefs
Evidence for which side has the Apostolic tradition
and early church history on their side.

Paedo vs Credo, A Summary
The post which concisely condenses the information that matters.

Some Personal Thoughts
On a surprising event which happened after concluding this series   

Bonus: R.C. Sproul and Alistair Begg debate infant baptism
This is debate from my two favorite theologians had absolutely everything in it. It was amazing.

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