Thursday, September 11, 2014

Once Saved Always Saved

In these series of articles I consider the Biblical basis for the doctrine of once saved always saved.

Part I - Preliminary Remarks

Part II - Not Upon Their Own Free Will

Part III - The Immutability of the Decree of Election
               Part A - The faithfulness of God

               Part B - The timelessness of God

Part IV - The Efficacy of the Merit and Intercession of Jesus Christ

Part V -  The Abiding of the Spirit

Part VI - Justification and the Covenant of Grace
               Part A - Salvation in the Old Testament
               Part B - Salvation in the New Testament

Part VII - Our Confidence in Christ

Part VIII - Explaining the Warning Passages
                  Part A - An Introduction
                  Part B - Not What you Thought
                  Part C - The Faithful Persevere

Part IX - Final Words

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