Saturday, August 9, 2014

The hole in the mind

I've heard humans called "leaky vessels" and I think that's a very accurate term. There is a hole that opens up in our minds put there by God's grace, and taken control of by sin--the hole in the mind.
The hole is a gift in the sense that it allows us to forget the things of sin done by and to us, it helps us move forward. But sin opens it up and has it leak out the things of God, and I'm convinced that the older we get the bigger the hole becomes, and the less energy we have to fix it or seal it closed, or pour new things into the mind. The old people I teach have largely forgotten all that they had learned because they are too weak to close the hole, and it drains them completely. In extreme old age a second childhood onsets because the hole has claimed all the knowledge and memories. Alzheimer is what happens when the hole grows too big as well, ultimately killing the person and leaving the body behind after the mind has drained out.

This is a call to the young then, to fill the mind with as much as soon as possible. Because it won't be long until the same amount of work only gets them to the break even point, and it's not long after that until the leak is so bad that there is no stopping it.

Remember your creator in the days of your youth.

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