Sunday, June 1, 2014

Analogy of Faith

Quite by accident my sister gave this one to me.

She's having a boy (her first) and we're having a girl (our last). She called and asked if we could give her our old baby boy clothes that we have been storing since we won't need them anymore.
"Sure," we said, "that wouldn't be a problem."
But what if the ultrasound technician was wrong? They've been known to make mistakes before. What if we give her everything like she's asking and we've nothing left, and it turns out to be a boy for us too? Are we really willing to commit to a course where there's no going back?

That's Christian faith. Faith is reaching a point where there's no going back. It's not just saying 'yes,' it's mailing all the old clothes away. It's not assent, it's a total dependency on the word being true, and living accordingly.

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