Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On becoming seeker sensitive

I'm for it. Really for it.
But not like what our modern church culture thinks. They think that if you make the church like the world you can't help but get people in the doors. People are comfortable in the world, the thinking goes, so make the church like what they are comfortable with. 

But as any half way decent theologian knows, there is this thing in the Bible called total inability (or depravity). The consequence of which is that unless men are drawn by God they won't come to faith.

And how does God draw them? Through pain. He makes them miserable and unhappy. He pokes and prods them until they cannot find rest, and thus causes them to go out looking for something, anything, which will provide them a salve to their misery. When I was in college the song put it well, "there's gotta be more to life..."
But what happens when that seeking soul finds out that the church is exactly like the world? What if he goes into a mega-church which is predominately concerned with stopping bullying, and social justice, and finds out that it isn't here that the answer is found? 

If we are to be seeker sensitive we must be worldly offensive. Anything else and we are little better than the world, certainly not good enough to provide satisfaction to their thirst.

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