Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Unlimited Atonement, Personal Style

So Sunday night I wake up to my daughter screaming bloody murder and holding her legs. I get upstairs to find she's covered (over 50% of her body) in a terrible rash, and breaking out into hives, big ones, huge in fact.
Now we had no idea what could have brought this on, since everything she ate she had eaten before, and the clothes were not new. (I'll save you the suspense, it was a surprise food allergy to gluten free muffin mix).
Since it was visibly growing, we didn't think it was food allergies, and she was screaming in pain uncontrollably after the Tylenol, we decided she should be seen by a doctor (which meant the stupid ER.)
Benadryl was the answer. I got a big bottle of it and took her home, at which point it was 11:30 at night and she was exhausted. And fighting.

Here is where I come to my point. She was tired, fighting, sick, and beyond reason. I had gone out to acquire the medicine, and when I came back she didn't want to have anything to do with it.
So I coaxed her with words, held her mouth, and poured it in. That's the effectual call right there. God is going to make sure the medicine He procured gets swallowed.

But what if I had the neighbor kid come to the door? Let's say for a moment his parents saw me, and sent him over to get some because he was suffering from the exact same thing and needed the exact same medicine. Would I give it to him if he asked? Of course! Would I hold him down and make him take it? Absolutely not, he's not my kid.
That there is the difference between the elect and the non-elect. It's not a matter of the medicine not being there, it's a matter of them not being made to take it. I have a fondness for the neighbors kid, and would not withhold anything from them, but I have a determination to see my own take what I got for them.

And that is how I learned the personal side of the Lombardian formula.

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