Saturday, August 3, 2013

Man by nature

Men are born with two arms, two legs, two eyes, a mouth.
We have a propensity to wiggle, to look, to yell, right from the womb, putting these things to use instinctively as soon as we are able.

And just as surely as there are physical characteristics that make up a man there are invisible ones. By nature we all have a conscious to tell us right from wrong. We have natural language skills, able to grasp symbolic concepts by the combination of sounds. We are free moral agents, we cannot be coerced by others, our will is our very own. We have eternity put in our hearts by God, it causes us to see Him and known that at our deaths we will see Him for good or ill. We resent and despise authority, we go wayward speaking lies. We have lusts for sin. We are by nature little rational beings who over time come into full use of our faculties.

And this must be understood to rightly raise children. The crooked things must be straightened, the natural blessings must be fanned into true gifts. It is dependent on us as parents to treat them as the adults they will one day become, and give grace until they do. This is our calling.

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