Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Matt 9: and 1 Chron 13

1 Chron 13:9-10 is a pretty well known story where Uzzah touches the holy vessel of God and dies, because he's an unclean sinful man.
In studying the account of the woman who bled in Matthew 9:20-22 I have become convinced that it is the counterbalance to this story in Chronicles. In the original vessel of God you touched it and you died, because it was there for judgment, as a testament of the power of the law. Indeed, it contained the tablets of condemnation, with the 10 commandments on them as a perpetual reminder of their sinfulness and need for a law. The law brought death.
But when Christ comes God's holy presence is no longer a thing to be feared, for God is the person to run to. In the new covenant Jesus is the vessel of God that brings healing and joy to the people, to everyone who builds their house on the rock. So when she touched Him, instead of dying, she is cleansed. Uzzah tried to help God and dies, but in the gospels God helps her and she lives.
It's marvelous how much greater the same idea is in the New Testament, how grace transforms the simple notion of touch from death to life.

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