Friday, February 22, 2013

Daddy Help Me

I was on the playgound with my one year old when he came to a part in the play structure that he felt he needed my help on. He reached up his hands and I let him take hold of my index fingers, and helped him walk the little step and bridge section.
Then it occurred to me that we were doing this together, which is like how God helps us in our works.
But then it occurred to me that this is what Jesus did when people came and asked things of Him, He demanded faith. I used to think that Jesus was being pushy or unhelpful, or at least hesitant to help, because He's demanding they do something. Go wash, go tell, stretch out your arm, pick up your mat, that sort of thing. But then I thought about it, and in all the instances (as much as I can remember) they are asking Him. So He's having them do it with Him.
There are miracles where Jesus takes the initiative, walking on water, feeding the multitudes, healing the man lowered on the mat, and it does not seem that He asks anything of them. But there are others where He does demand something in return, some act of faith.
I think of my son reaching his fingers up to mine. So I make him help me rather than do it for him- isn't that just what he asked for? Why should our heavenly Father be any different than that?

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Anonymous said...

Great thoughts Phil, thanks for sharing! Liviu