Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Science as God

I noticed something about myself today- I find modern science fiction to be much less satisfying than in the previous days. In fact I'd say what the kids are being raised on today is terrible and idolatrous.

I don't know when it happened exactly, which makes me think it was generally a gradual slope. What I do know is that in the old days of the 60's and probably 70's a number of movies in particular feature poverty, crime, cults, and the wars of our fathers. Soilent Green, Road Warrior, etc, but eventually the culture decided that these ideas were passed, and it was better to and build something lasting and good. Star Trek was on the rise. But how do we pass from human nature being the same, full of greed and vice, to a utopia? The tonic to all that ails us was a thing called science. Now before this time science was the observing of natural phenomenon, you impart energy in the form of heat to a substance, add a catalyst, and observe the following reaction, record the results. But at some point observing science gave way to panacea science, something more akin to a belief system.

Panacea science is a wonderful thing, it allows us to wave away with our hands our fallen and ruined sinful nature- with the exception of a few bad guys of course, because science has found a cure for our spiritual blight. It allows us to evolve, growing into a form of perfection, both as individuals and as society. With the winds of science at our backs we can, and will become godlike. All we need is knowledge, knowledge to unlock the inner power within us all.

I find this to be pedantic, and idolatrous. I therefore ask the same question as the Quoheleth: "Who can make straight what God has made crooked?" Man has not changed in all of his recorded history. We are neither wiser, nor smarter, nor more moral than we ever were, and appealing to science to change that is nonsense. What I want to see is more fiction that does not drive its story toward man becoming God, but toward man glorifying God.  History is not moving forward so that mankind may become great, but so that God may be.

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