Thursday, July 5, 2012

A guest post from my Daughter on Atonement

I was pretty unhappy after church service got out, when for the third week in a row the Pastor skipped preaching in favor of a children's play. On the car ride home I asked out loud in anger how anyone could learn the message of the gospel watching that stuff.
My not quite three year old daughter who was not listening to that point piped up, "Oh the gospel, I know dat. Jesus took the sin on His body, and He died on the cross. He said 'Do not punish them, punish me Sir.'"

That's exactly right. Jesus took the wrath of God due us. He was righteous, we were not. He was not judged, but we were. He was under no obligation, unlike us. Yet He decided to take the punishment due us upon Himself. He bore our guilt, our shame, our penalty.

In one moment my daughter had given me the clearest expression of the love Christ has in the gospel message. See, it's easy when considering the doctrine of imputation, and atonement, and propitiation to get lost in the higher levels of reasoning and thinking. It's tempting to think of our condemnation in a court room setting, or let an analogy side track you. These seven words abolish all of those difficulties and set one on the right road to understanding.
He said, "Do not punish them. Punish me, Sir."

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