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Interview with Dr. Phil on Complementarianism & Genesis

Today we are fortunate to have with us Dr. Phil, eminent psychobibologist and keen observer of human behaviors. Phil purports to show that all the things we see can be explained directly by an appeal to the Bible’s creation account of men and women.
That’s right.
So we are going to take this opportunity to pick his brain and ask a wide battery of tough questions to test his theory.  Is the recorder on? Okay, let’s jump into it.

First question: Why do men take multiple wives but women don’t take multiple husbands?
In the created order the wife was designed to be beautiful and helpful, the husband a visionary leader whom she attaches to, shares his plan, and helps him to accomplish this. Given this, it’s apparent that a man could easily add more beauty and help to himself, while a woman taking multiple husbands means she has twice the work, and has to share the vision of multiple men, which may be contradictory.

Why do older men marry younger women but not vise versa?
Younger women more physically beautiful, not being weighed down with the cares of the world, or used up in service, which is appealing to the man whose concern is beauty. The woman looks for other things, intelligence, drive, well off, since she is joining him in order to be a help mate, her concern is less about looks and more about personality. Women want to be a help mate to someone who knows what he wants and knows how to get it, in this way it allows them to be who they are made to be.

Why do women want to be treated like ladies, but then want to dominate their husbands and show them so little respect?
The sinful tendency of every woman is to over-help. Woman has by God a created desire to serve by man’s side, but her sinful desire is dangerously strong, and seeks to over-manage and dominate. Just as men want to have the power of God women want to have the power of man. It’s a kind of covetousness that’s absolutely ruinous to happiness.

In our society some women are doing their utmost to destroy the role and nature of fathers. Why?
The concept of authority and Fatherhood are permanently linked in the person of God. Adam, as God’s image bearer owns the headship role by divine appointment.  The attempt to destroy men as fathers and boot them from the family is merely the desire of the woman to be rebellious to God played out against His image bearer.

Why don’t liberals and non-believers in general want children? Why is the birthrate in post Christian Europe so low? Why disparage stay at home moms?
Because God gave the command to be fruitful and multiply, so disobeying it is a way to stick a finger in His eye, whether the rebels are fully conscious of this or not. But more than that, God made childbirth painful to women as a reminder that they were bringing a sinful, God hating creature into the world. It was His way of getting them to think back to when God gave the proto-evangel “her Seed will crush your head” and meditate on the fact that God promised that through her childbearing a son would be born who would save mankind. To have kids and suffer childbirth is to admit that we are fallen, look forward (or backwards as is our case) to a savior, and admit our weakness. Therefore, to deaden their own admission of guilt many modern women find it easier to simply not reflect on God in this way. This is why Paul encourages women to mind their homes, that they may know God 1 Tim 2:15, 5:14.

Why is the divorce rate so high between men and women if they were created for each other?
Because under the most controlled circumstances God made them male and female, and so man instinctively knows that God if wanted him to be able to divorce He would have made another wife for Adam. It’s pretty obvious that God loves marriage, Malachi 2:11 and that He made marriage so that He could have godly offspring, Malachi 2:14-15 so divorce wrecks two things God loves. Even parents of adult children who divorce wreck society by proclaiming that God did not intend for them to be together for life. Not a wonder He hates divorce Malachi 2:16. If you were a non-believer and desired to poke God in the eye, is there any better way than to trivialize marriage and divorce often? You get a three for one deal there, no God hater is going to pass that up. To be honest I’m surprised that the divorce rate is not higher among non-believers.

Let’s move to the more explicitly religious now- why do false teachers first hook women through deception, then move into power in the church?
Satan did it successfully in the garden, why wouldn’t he do it again? Deception is the great way in, and women are more susceptible to it than men. Men are more evil and more likely to be the deceiver, women are sweeter, and more likely to be deceived.

Why can’t women be elders, deacons, and pastors in church? Is the church hidebound to stick with male leadership?
No, because God created Adam first 1 Tim 2:13. It’s Adam who has the vision, the role of leadership, and the assignment to work to make things right in a fallen world. Women was created second to help him achieve his goals, so to put women first is to put the cart before the horse.  Or in business terms, do you want your start up led by an entrepreneur or a manager?

Some would balk at this strong language, as if you were denigrating women. What’s the difference between what you are saying and what the Taliban are saying about marriage and submission?
There is actually a growth among European women because of this actually, since Islam demands that women be women, and there is a part in women that like that, women are joining up. But the difference is that in the stereotypical bad cases of Islam women are not women, they are not helpers or equals, they are servants and property. There is no love among equals in that kind of Islam. All that I’m saying is that women are by nature the submissive, beautiful, helpful ones, what I’m not saying is that they have lesser value or rights than men. It’s just that a car works best when it’s driven on a road like a car should be, and not into the ocean as if it was a boat.

What’s with the trend in the modern English translations, such as TNIV, ESV, etc, to remove the notion of man qua man? Why all this gender neutral business?
It’s really kowtowing to, or compromising with popular culture, which, I’ll say it again, hates God. To admit that woman is dependent on, and comes from man is to admit defeat from the outset, so the culture finds it easier to hide from God’s created order this way, if we are two stand up independent beings then our language should recognize this difference. If on the other hand women owe men their allegiance then this kind of language makes sense. I think it’s a real pity to be honest, that we lose this constant reminder. And while I’m on the subject, I think it’s a pity that English, unlike other languages is losing the gender assignment for objects. Pretty much the only thing left is mother nature. And the occasional boat with a girl’s name. Heck even the joking stuff got canned by the feminists, I mean all hurricanes were not very long ago all women’s names because it’s a her-a-cane, not a him-a-cane.  Our society is so serious about banishing God’s created order that we can’t even joke about it any longer.

Hurricane aside, why is nature a woman?
Because nature is beautiful, and women are beautiful, and women are were designed to delight men’s eyes.  In general beauty is woman is strength is man. Take for example the Spanish language- what gender did they assign to hands? Well on one hand hands are helpful beautiful things, so complicated and so wonderful, so they should have a female designation, but on the other hand they are meant for work, they are strong, and are tough, so whomever designated it compromised, and did one of each and went with la mano. At first it doesn’t make much sense, but then when you think of it against the creation account, it makes perfect sense.

Last question: practical advice for marriage?
For the wife, you were created second, so show respect through submission. Make his vision yours and be a helper, not the boss. For the husband, you were created first, the headship is yours, so show love through listening to her. She wants to help you, so let her.

Thanks Dr. Phil.
My pleasure.

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