Saturday, February 14, 2009

Even the Church of Christ believe in Once Saved Always Saved

The churches of Christ joins with Arminian churches in denying that predestination means an all powerful sovereign God personally choses you for salvation. To them, predestination means that God looks down the corridors of time and sees individuals who would persevere to the end in faith, and chooses them to be saved. That is, using divine foreknowledge He stamps His approval on those individuals He knows will be faithful to Him.

But there's a logical problem here, because if God has predestined us based on our future faith then we will absolutely make it to the end and be saved--otherwise God saw wrongly. And God is never wrong. Which means that if you start with the premise of God forseeing faith then the doctrine of Perseverance of the Saints is a logical necessity. Which is a big problem, because the whole point of doing the Biblical gymnastics required to get predestination to mean the opposite of what it says is to avoid the conclusions of Calvinism.

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