Wednesday, October 9, 2013

AWANA Trek Aids

If you're anything like me, you were excited to be leading the council time, and let down by the AWANA Trek leaders guide preparation material. If you need a leg up, consider the free following materials to help.

TREK GPS Lesson 1.1 - Why Study the Bible

TREK GPS Lesson 1.3 - How do I know the Bible is True?

TREK GPS Lesson 1.4 - The Torah

TREK GPS Lesson 1.5 - The History

General Advice: Two things I have seen, yes three I have observed:
  1. They look like they are not listening, but they are. 
  2. Don't underestimate them. You may have a tendency to think they are not up to a mental challenge because it's evening, or because they need a game time like kids do, but this is a mistake. Treat them as adults and don't shy away from really hard concepts.
  3. They cannot think for themselves yet, they can't draw connections to other things they have learned, and they have absolutely no perspective to decide what is essential and what is not. But they are amazing learners. They are capable of extraordinarily rapid assimilation of new ideas and can manipulate these ideas quickly once introduced. A solid and proper introduction to Biblical Theology during these next few weeks are going to pay huge dividends for their future. They may not be able to think critically yet, but if you give them the tools now, when they come of age where they can think, they will be very powerful theologians.

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SacJu said...

Thank you for posting the lessons and sharing with others. I've noticed too that when these Jr. Highers are challenged with thought provoking lessons, they love to respond. I'm sure too that even though some don't participate they are 'soaking' it in.