Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I may have shared this before...

But I was meditating on the letter of Romans, and it seemed to me that Romans 11:32 book ends the discussion started in Romans 1:18 (but more particularly at Romans 3:10).
In a striking bit of theology Paul utterly dismantles the notion that we are good people, or have what it takes to earn salvation. (He keeps pace in Romans 8:7).
It can seem that this is a dark or difficult chapter, but it's really something more like music or a soft dance. Total depravity and all it's terrible implications is a sweet doctrine. It's not just that it's a bad thing that drags with it good consequences, it's a darling and beloved doctrine.
First we must dispel the notion that it's an explanation for why people don't come to Christ when we evangelize them. The doctrine isn't for their sake, it's for ours, for a consideration on our hearts. And it's not that God caused us to fall into this state so that He could condemn mankind, it was so that He could love on me. There is nothing so sweet and humbling, nor wonderful and stunning that God loves me a depraved soul.
Total depravity gives me the gift of grace, the greatest of all gifts. It's to me a great delight.

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