Saturday, August 18, 2012

You can't save them, Lot

In Genesis 18:20 God and His two angels come to Abraham, and tell him of the plan of the messiah, and how he will have a son. But as part of this God clues Abraham into the plan that Sodom and Ghmorrah must not be left standing, because their sin is very great.
In a very familiar passage Abraham asks God after the angels go on ahead if He would destroy the city if there were 50 righteous men in it. 45? 20? What is the price of wicknedness that it demands total annihilation?

What if then there is only one righteous family? Will you save the family for the good it will do? Will it not be a light and salt to the people? Will it not be a ministry platform to them? If there is only Lot's family that is righteous, a mere 10 people? (Presumably, Lot, his wife, his daughters, their husbands, and the servants.)

"I will not destroy [it] for the sake of ten."

What happens next is already known to us because the Lord would not destroy it for 10 and He's going to destroy it. We see it unfold when Lot's wife goes back Gen 19:26, when the sons in law refused to budge Gen 19:14. In other words, righteous Lot was totally and completely unable to persuade even his family about the just wrath of God. It's a lesson in evangelism. Lest God give the increase, there will be no response.

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