Saturday, August 18, 2012

On Cain and Abel

I head growing up that God was upset at Cain because he brought to Him the fruit of the cursed ground. I thought that was somewhat insightful, but wrong. As I reflect on it further however, I think it's right.
In Genesis 3:21 God makes from animals skins for their clothing. That means God killed an animal.
I think this was the first sacrifice, where God began teaching man about the messiah and what it meant to be redeemed. There could be no redemption without blood, without another taking your place.

The by-product of the sacrifice was usable clothes, but the first and foremost thing was to atone for sin, and God showed them how to do it: with blood. It was a brutal, costly thing sin, and it required death.
Now Abel brings forward sheep, and Cain brings forward food. Which is the one God taught them to do? Which one of the sons of Adam brings what God commanded, and which one does his own thing? Which comes on the terms God told him, and which comes on his own terms?
Is it any wonder that God says 'if you do well, will you not be accepted?' If you offered the sacrifice like I taught you would I not accept that? But here you have brought me something of your invention. Do I delight in sacrifices? Would it not be better to obey?

Which is the second commandment you know. God has set forward a way to be worshiped, a way to be righteous, and a way that we may thrive by. Taking up for ourselves a new kind of Christianity is only a very old heresy.

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