Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The remnant - remember this to avoid depression

I preached Sunday night at at Union Gospel Mission here in Sacramento.
Immediately afterward a Modalist came up to me and told me how foolish I was for talking about God as a Trinity, or Jesus as the Son of God. Needless to say I didn't tolerate this for a second and began to warn him about the coming judgment, and how if he believed this he would certainly be damned, pleading with him to accept Christ as the Son, pointing out that Christ is praying to the Father, so they can't be the same person. He just walked away.
Then a whole line of people passed by me looking away, they obviously didn't want to talk to me.
Then came a group of people who came to criticize me for attacking Joel Osteen. In my sermon on Acts 8 I pointed out that Simon Magus is not the father of Gnosticism like the commentators say, he is the author of Joel Osteenism, the notion that the gospel can be used by us. The ideas that God is our servant, He can be our tool, He can be twisted and shaped, that the Bible exist for us to get things we like, such as money and riches and health I declared to be sick, and I warned them of believing it. And after it was over they attacked me for heaping scorn on the notion of 'your best life now'.
And after all that, when I didn't think it could get worse, one man came up and said he really appreciated the sermon. He mentioned he was studying the ordo salutis because he wanted to grasp from scriptures a Biblical wordview. He wanted to transform his thinking.
How sweet were his words! The Lord will save His remnant. May the name of the Lord be praised.

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