Sunday, October 9, 2011

Book Review- the World Tilting Gospel by Dan Phillips

This is going to be a more full comment on Phillips book, being that I'm only 25% of the way through I don't feel entitled to post all my thoughts yet, but I do want to say that this book is surprisingly good.
Really, quite astonishingly good.
On Fridays I go see what funny things he's posted on his own Biblical Christianity blog. When he posts his own thoughts there it's usually eschatalogical in nature, and it's actually quite ill thought out. I'll just say it- it's horrible.
I drop in on the Pyromaniacs website semi-regularly and there Dan isn't exactly the best writer, but not bad.
The cover looked stupid too, therefore I didn't expect much out of the book. I was wrong.
It's all biblical, very basic, very concise, and yet very powerful. It's simple and elegant.
So far he has covered what it means to have life, what it means to die in Adam, what sin means, what total depravity means, and the necessity of being born again. 
If this were am amazon review I would give it 5 stars and tell you to go get it and read it. There are a few books that I want my children to read: The attributes of God by Pink, The Holiness of God by Sproul, Knowing God by Packer, and so far I would add this book to that list. This is going to be one of the few books that I think should be a must read for my family.

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