Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Taking the Lord's name in vain

Is pretty misunderstood- it doesn't mean to simply not swear. Taking the Lords name in vain means to use His holy name or will for your own purposes. Jeremiah 14:14 comes to mind.  The Pharisees moved under a cloak of divine approval for their teaching and activities, and it invited great anger and punishment from God. "God says you must do this" is not something God wants us to take lightly and He particularly prohibits using His commands and authority for our own ends.
"Thus says the Lord" was to be respected, to be sacred, to be powerful and moving. To disobey was to sin.
Therefore when some fallible, fallen, self indulgent creature comes along and says "God told me to" or "God said" or "I have a word from the Lord Himself" and means "I want you to" or "I think" or "It would benefit me if I could manipulate you by disrespecting God" they are breaking the third commandment. That is to say, the third most important of the ten.

So when the Pentecostals, and faith healers, and people who believe in the continuation of the gifts come and say "God says gimme your money or you won't be saved" or "Do what I say or God will strike you dead" what they are really doing is breaking the third commandment. 
That's a serious thing, something we shouldn't give them a free pass on. It deserves a just rebuke lest they do it again.

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Lee Shelton said...

Politicians tend to take the Lord's name in vain whenever they are sworn into office or employ God's name to win support from a particular demographic.