Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yardwork thought

Yesterday my brother in law said something that was interesting, he said his front yard was nitrogen deficient, and he was going to feed his lawn after raking up the dead grass.
Well I had just weed-and-feeded to no effect, and it occured to me today that I had a very thick layer of dead grass blocking all those chemical pellets from getting to the ground.  I took my metal rake and pulled up most of my lawn as dead grass, which really surprised me because it looked okay, a little dead, but okay.
Once pulled up I saw that it was really dead.
And I think that's the condition of the human heart. It looks okay until you get a close look and find it's a ruin.  It refuses to be fed and sustain life until cleaned out by a caretaker. And repentance is the clearing of the dead ground in preparation for a new and better thing.

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