Friday, April 15, 2011

Did God really say?

With respect to the Rob Bell phenomenon, an observation:
Rob Bell has stated that he believes there is such a thing as God's judgement, hell, holiness and torment, and we do need to accept Christ to get there.  Now that sounds very orthodox, but after gathering your sympathies he makes for the exit, because that confession comes with a but in front of every statement to qualify it. He believes there is such a thing as God's judgement but it will end, there is such a thing as hell but it is not forever, there is such a thing as holiness and torment but we can choose to end it in the next life, and we do need to accept Christ, but you have time, because you can always do it in the next world
That last one is key because it comes against the disregard of clear Biblical exhortation Heb 3:13-15.  The result of which is that people are going to be dragged into hell by the backdoor.  Well I do believe, and I believe thatI have more time, another day, another year. I will worship God, just a little later, and if I die I can convert then.

In other words his statement are truths screening for lies. It's like a hospital dress, the front is covered, but the back is exposed.  Which is the hallmark of a liberal, they tell half the truth, which looks good, but they leave out the key portion of the rest of the truth.   
A half truth is still a whole lie. It's just a more sophisticated one.  Which is the hallmark of Bell. The sophisticated artist who is taking his cue from the Father of lies.

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