Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dispensationalism amuses me

There is a guy at work who comes by my cube to tell me the beast is coming out of the sea, and that the feast of the great bird will soon be fulfilled in Israel.  Needless to say, I find this hilarious.  One thing he often says is that America will be utterly obliterated, because America is not in the Bible.  And lo, look at this argument:  
Egypt is on firmer soil than we in America are. How so? Try as they might, Biblical scholars have not found America in Biblical prophecy, with any confidence. However, Egypt is present, beyond doubt — and it ultimately has a bright future (Followed by a quote from Isaiah 19)
Let me rephrase it this way: 
Only countries blessed in the Bible by name will survive in the [near] future.  Egypt is blessed by name, therefore Egypt will survive and thrive in the future. 
And the corollary is certainly true: Philip Comer is not mentioned in the Bible by name, therefore he will not be saved.
It's not possible this is explained by Isaiah 11:11 is it?  Or that this interpretation may conflict with Zep 2:13-15 which states that Assyria is going to be eliminated, (as proved by history)?   No?  Well then it's best to take the easy way out- anything that seems hard must be about the millennial kingdom.

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