Friday, February 4, 2011


First the Lord gave Ahab warnings of His power by subduing idolatrous worship of Baal 1 Kings 18:20-21,38-39
Then the Lord proved his power to Ahab personally over enemy nation of Syria 1 Kings 20:13, and again 1 Kings 20:28.  It strikes me chiefly that Ahab was given a huge number of second chances, that he was continually given opportunities to respond in order to show the might of the dark heart of man.  Ahab continually took the graciousness from God to use as a weapon, not only fleeing from His prophets, (hence the necessity of the disguise 1 Kings 20:41) but being a self proclaimed enemy of Him. 1 Kings 21:20
It's no wonder he died in his schemes and apostasy 1 Kings 22:34,37, but it is a wonder that God would tolerate it so long.
Herod becomes a leader taken from the same mold as Ahab much later- given every opportunity to do right, shown every kindness, and at every turn demonstrates the necessity of his extermination.

Atheism is not for want of evidence, but of goodness.

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