Friday, December 10, 2010

Imputation every day

My daughter pulled the hand towel off the stove rack this morning.  I told her that that was a no and to put it back, but the thing is she wasn't tall enough to loop it and make it stay, she could only bunch it up over the bar, and if she took her hand off it would fall.  But was this half way effort enough for me?  Yes.  I then gave her a big thank you big girl even though she hadn't actually done what I told her to do, and yet she understood just fine that she had achieved what I wanted.  Her obedience to me, and her faith that I would see it accomplished if I willed it. She was incapable of doing it, but who was she to argue if she was or not?  I knew that and credited to her account as if she had, while finishing the job myself. 
It's remarkable how often regular every day lessons for spiritual applications present themselves, and how very.... well... ordinary the idea of imputation is.  You don't have to be a theological genius to understand imputation of sin and grace through faith, odds are you are doing it all the time.  And there is a great genius of God in that I believe.

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