Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Church of Christ theology spirals into death

Theorem: Pick an arbitrary starting point, follow through with it's logical consequences, and you will find that ultimately the theology of the Churches of Christ end at theological liberalism or gnosticism.

Proof: There is no such thing as once saved always saved.
Therefore there is no such thing as God's immutability
. God changes His mind, will, plan, emotions, and actions as needed, or as often as He likes. 
There is no divine immutability therefore there is no real holiness with God.
Who is to say God won't change His mind when I get to the afterlife? Sure I have been bad, or, well there was a time I wasn't perfect and I missed church that one time, but hey, God will forgive me of my sin. Sin isn't that abhorrent to God after all. 
There is no holiness of God, therefore God needs no real pleasing by faith
Not the Protestant idea of Faith, that would be "easy believeism," this is the idea of obedience by works. How can a God who cares little for holiness be persuaded to let us in to heaven? Well we know the saints go to heaven so God must therefore naturally let every obedient believer in.  Whatever that means.
There is no salvation by faith alone therefore there is no Biblical repentance. 
Repentance as a word is affirmed, but it is an abstract word that has been de-tethered from the Biblical definition.  Because we are not turning away from an idea, or crossing a threshold, there is only a scale, black on one end, light on the other.  We must all progress up the ladder away from dark and toward light. The turning away could be called repentance, but only in so far as it denotes movement toward law keeping.
There is no need to cross a threshold or repent, therefore nobody is excluded from Salvation. 
What keeps this from universalism is that you need Christ to give you a thumbs up.  Anyone who goes to a church that introduces you to Christ can give you the thumbs up help you need. And by this I mean a Church of Christ.
"God is no respecter of persons" therefore there can be no favoritism with God.
There can be no favoritism with God therefore there is no secret will of God, only the revealed one which wishes all men well. 
God has no divine immovable plan because otherwise He would be evil or wicked in picking some for heaven and some for hell.  Since the Bible teaches that men who go to hell want it and experience teaches that men who go to heaven want that as well, it follows that men choose their own destiny.  After all, God would be unjust to send people to hell against their free will.
There is no secret or effectual will of God therefore there is no special love for a special people, there is no predestination. All men are given an equal opportunity to be saved. Foreknowledge is not knowledge of a person but knowledge of a persons future works.  What separates men one from another is that some choose to act and some don't.  Those that do choose heaven by their own power.
There is no predestination therefore there is no total depravity
Contrary to scripture men are able to do good works and improve their lot.  Men are by all natures able to be saved. Men by nature have faith but choose to use it or not as they please.
There is no total depravity therefore there is no gospel. 
There is no good news that Christ has already accomplished everything for you if Baptism and a life of keeping the law lies in front of you.
There is no gospel, therefore there is no substutionary atonement
How can you have an imputation of righteousness if there is no need or purpose to it?
There is no substutionary atonement, therefore there is no law.
What is to condemn man? His sin? From what? A God who is not likely to punish men anyway?  Who meditates on the cross? Who preaches it? Who like Paul found it central to all of theology?  This one is most amusing of all because the CoC is famously intolerant of most other Protestants because they believe you must keep the law in the right way to be saved, that is, be baptized in the right way.  Yet a moments thought will show that if there is no cross then there is no real wrath, for no cross (substutionary atonement) means there is no condemnation found in the law. You therefore have the worst kind of theological liberalism or Phariseeism growing: my way or no way. The rules are the rules.  When the divine law is abolished the human law is established, and since there are no boundaries the cruelty of men is unleashed upon the church unchecked. Men will heap unbiblical rule upon rule to fill the void left by the departure of the law of God.
You have liberalism, therefore you have no respect for the Scriptures.
Show me a CoC person that exegetes the scriptures deeply and faithfully regularly and I will show you someone about to leave them. Most people in the CoC are proto-liberals protected from following through with their beliefs to the next step by the kindness of God.
You have no respect for scriptures therefore you have no knowledge of God.
So after all that you think He is like a man, in the sky, who is just like us, for after all, we are made in His image.
And now we see that this chain of horror has come full circle. Because there is no respect for the Bible there is no respect for God. Because there is no respect for the eternal plan, purposes, effects, and nature of God as revealed in the Bible there is only man to take His place. And if we have learned anything from history, it's that man as an idol looks a lot like Molech of the Canaanites, demanding our unlimited obedience, and loosing his cruelty upon his followers.

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