Thursday, September 23, 2010

Waltzing Matilda

So my 16 month old daughter can't seem to get enough of Waltzing Matilda, when the YouTube video ends she hits the button to start it over.  The wife came in and asked what the song was about since she doesn't understand Aussie slang. "It's about a lazy criminal who steals a sheep, cuts it up, and gets caught by the rightful owner. Instead of surrendering he commits suicide"
Her response? The poor man!  I'll confess I had the same when I first heard the song, but why? Is it because the song is about him? I can find no other explanation, we are drawn to him once we hear it's his story and though he's the criminal we think of the land owner as the villan.
In the same way it seems to me that the focus of our life story told via the tramp produces the most dreadful similar result with respect to God and sin.  A trespasser, a thief, a rebel who would rather die than pay the cost back gets our pity because it's us. 
Christianity must be about the business of hammering God perspective into our puny lives, or we will never be rid of our self-justified bias. 

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Derek Ashton said...

That is a great illustration, and a great application. Thanks.