Thursday, June 25, 2009


Your heavenly father knows what you need before you ask
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth
Why have you summoned me said samuel
Today you will be with me in paradise

How does God know everything? Because He created everything, including a Divine Plan that was laid down at the creation, or foundation, of the universe. He knows every working in His plan because it is His. This plan included sending Himself to be killed, as He predestined it.
It also included selecting a number of people to be saints who will worship Him. To say God allows us free choice as to whether His plan will be successful as He predicted it would mean that people have as much power as God. An impossibility.
Therefore God must have a hand in the outcome of all things to ensure that all things happen according to His plan. We have a God who is not silent. That we have evil people means we have the doctrine of concurrence.
God is outside of the concept of time because He created everything, space and time being part of His creation. Since He did not create Himself He is timeless. We get bogged down logically when we try to pin on Him when He created. But 'when' is a meaningless word before there is time because 'when' presupposes time.
What of humanity? We have God's Spirit in us which means timelessness, yet we are defined by time. When Samuel died he could be recalled from the grave. Continuing to exist in time after the dissolution of his body. The saints gathered around the throne asking 'how long' until God poured out judgment on Israel. They are then existing in time. Yet Jesus speaks of eternal fire, or never ending punishment.
I propose this means we are time-invincible, or eternally durable. We have the quality of creation: time, yet we have the quality of God: outside of time. Together in us that gives the quality: eternal durability.

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